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How to enter flight planning information?

(i) Via the Planning of the Fleet System

It is important to display your flight planning information for both TA and non-TA projects. Non-TA projects allow both the TA coordinator and TA project teams to identify clustering opportunities. Periods of maintenance can also be included in the planning. We encourage operators to keep this information as complete as possible. The dates entered in each planning entry can be a time period allocated or the actual dates of a campaign; it is up to the operator to decide.

1. The planning of the fleet can be accessed via the Quick Access tab on the home page or by clicking here.

2. Once on the Planning of the Fleet, click on the padlock on the left-hand corner of the screen to log-in with your operator ID and password.


3. Connect on the planning of the fleet back office using your operator ID (e.g. INTA, FUB, DLR, etc.) and password. Note this is a separate log-in to your EUFAR member account. If you have forgotten your operator password, contact the EUFAR Office to reset this password.


4. Once logged-in, click on "create new project" as shown below:


5. You will be directed to the create a new project page (see below), where you need to select if the project is TA (with EUFAR TA funded flight-hours) or non-TA.


6. If the project is TA, you will be directed to the EUFAR project TA application form. In essence, as soon as a TA project is accepted and awarded TA-flight hours on-board a selected aircraft over a specific period, this information is automatically updated in the planning of the fleet system. Therefore operators are not expected to fill in planning information related to project campaigns within the EUFAR TA framework.

7. If the project is non-TA, simply fill out the required fields and submit the form.


8. Once submitted, campaign planning information can still be modified, by clicking on the project in the list and clicking on the "modify the project" icon.

If you experience any difficulty or have any further questions, please contact the EUFAR Office.

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