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Evaluation of Continuous VNIR-SWIR Spectra versus Narrowband Hyperspectral Indices to Discriminate the Invasive Acacia longifolia within a Mediterranean Dune Ecosystem GROSSE-STOLTENBERG Andre, HELLMANN Christine, OLDELAND Jens, THIELE Jan, WERNER Christiane Publication
A comparison of lidar reflectance and radiometrically calibrated hyperspectral imagery BRIESE Christian, RONCAT Andreas , Pfeifer N. Dissemination
A Field Survey In Potenza (southern Italy) For Developing And Testing An Innovative Strategy Of Air Pollution Control On A Local Scale SALIMBENE Ornella , G. Di Bello, M. Ragosta Publication
A multi-input UV-VIS airborne GASCOD/A4r spectroradiometer for the validation of satellite remote sensing measurements BORTOLI Daniele, KOSTADINOV Ivan, PACE Giandomenico, PALAZZI Elisa, RAVEGNANI Fabrizio , G. Giovanelli, A. Petritoli Publication
A multimethodological approach to study the spatial distribution of air pollution in an Alpine valley during wintertime FIX Andreas, GOHM Alexander, HANSEL Armin, HARNISCH Florian, NEININGER Bruno, SCHNITZHOFER Ralf , M. Norman, A. Wisthaler, J. Vergeiner, F. Obleitner Publication
A New Method for the Estimation of Broadband Apparent Albedo Using Hyperspectral Airborne Hemispherical Directional Reflectance Factor Values CALLEJA Javier F., PEON Juanjo , Recondo C., Fernandez S., de la Cruz F., Gonzalez-Piqueras J. Publication
A Seasonally Robust Empirical Algorithm to Retrieve Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Scheldt River KNAEPS Els, RAYMAEKERS Dries, STERCKX Sindy Publication
A study on the sensitivities of simulated aerosol optical properties to composition and size distribution using airborne measurements ALLEN Grant, ANNA Esteve, BROWN Phil, COE Hugh, HIGHWOOD Eleanor , W.T. Morgan, R.G. Grainger, K. Szpek Publication
ABLE: Development of an Airborne Lidar CACCIANI Marco, FUA Daniele, PACE Giandomenico , Giorgio Fiocco, Paolo G. Calisse, Stefano Casadio Publication
Actively evolving subglacial conduits and eskers initiate ice shelf channels at an Antarctic grounding line DREWS Reinhard, MATSUOKA Kenichi, PATTYN Frank , I. J. Hewitt, F. S. L. Ng, S. Berger, V. Helm, N. Bergeot, L. Favier, N. Neckel Publication
Activity of the Leonid meteor shower on 2009 November 17 KOTEN Pavel , J. Borovička, G. I. Kokhirova Publication
Aerosol chemistry above an extended archipelago of the eastern Mediterranean basin during strong northern winds ATHANASOPOULOU Eleni, BISKOS George, BOSSIOLI Elizabeth, COE Hugh, DANDOU Aggeliki, KALOGIROS John, MIHALOPOULOS Nikolaos, PROTONOTARIOU Anna, TOMBROU-TZELLA Maria , J. D. Allan, A. Bacak, J. Sciare Publication
AHS and CASI Processing for the REFLEX Remote Sensing Campaign: Methods and Results DE MIGUEL LLANES Eduardo, GOMEZ-SANCHEZ Jose-antonio, GUTIERREZ DE LA CAMARA Oscar, JIMENEZ MICHAVILA Marcos , I. Pérez, F. Muñoz Publication
Airborne DOAS measurements in Arctic: vertical distributions of aerosol extinction coefficient and NO2 concentration ANCELLET Gerard, FAYT Caroline, MERLAUD Alexis, PELON Jacques, QUENNEHEN Boris, SCHWARZENBOECK Alfons, STOHL Andreas, THEYS Nicolas , M. Van Roozendael, C. Hermans, M. Pommier, J. Burkhart, M. De Mazière Publication
Airborne Laser Scanning for calibration and validation of inshore satellite altimetry: A proof of concept ZLINSZKY Andras , E. Boergens, P. Glira. N. Pfeifer Publication
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