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Breeding habitat selection by steppe birds in Castro Verde: a remote sensing and advanced statistics approach LEITAO Pedro, MOREIRA Francisco, OSBORNE Patrick Publication
Categorizing Wetland Vegetation by Airborne Laser Scanning on Lake Balaton and Kis-Balaton, Hungary BRIESE Christian, ZLINSZKY Andras , W. Mücke, H. Lehner, N. Pfeifer Publication
Characterization of particle cloud droplet activity and composition in the free troposphere and the boundary layer during INTEX-B ROBERTS Gregory , D. Day, L. Russell, E. Dunlea, J. Jimenez, J. Tomlinson, D. Collins, Y. Shinozuka, A. Clarke Publication
Chronic ozone exposure affects leaf senescence of beech trees: a chlorophyll fluorescence approach , To see all authors, clik on the link Publication
Cloud condensation nuclei measurements in the marine boundary layer of the Eastern Mediterranean: CCN closure and droplet growth kinetics MIHALOPOULOS Nikolaos, NENES Athanasios , PANDIS Spyros , A. Bougiatioti, C. Fountoukis, N. Kalivitis Publication
Comparison between standard and modified Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probes during the Small Cumulus Microphysics Study BRENGUIER Jean-louis, BURNET Frederic Publication
  • Groups: Cloud Microphysics, In-Situ Aerosols
Comparison of AERONET and SKYRAD4.2 inversion products retrieved from a Cimel CE318 sunphotometer CAMPANELLI Monica, ESTELLES Victor, MARTINEZ-LOZANO Jose Antonio , M. P. Utrillas, F. Expósito, Publication
Comparison of Airborne In Situ, Airborne Radar–Lidar, and Spaceborne Radar–Lidar Retrievals of Polar Ice Cloud Properties Sampled during the POLARCAT Campaign DELANOE Julien, DUPUY Regis, GAYET Jean-Francois, JOURDAN Olivier, PELON Jacques, PROTAT Alain , Mathieu Papazzoni, Caroline Jouan Publication
Competition between European hare and European rabbit in a lowland area, Hungary: a long-term ecological study in the period of rabbit extinction KERTESZ Miklos , Krisztián KATONA, Zsolt BÍRÓ, István HAHN, Vilmos ALTBÄCKER Publication
Deriving inherent optical properties and associated inversion - uncertainties in the Dutch lakes SALAMA Mhd.suhyb, SU Zhongbo, VERHOEF Wouter , A. Dekker, C. M. Mannaerts Publication
Detection in the summer polar stratosphere of pollution plume from East Asia and North America by balloon-borne in situ CO measurements CATOIRE Valery, KRYSZTOFIAK TONG Gisele , To see the full author list, please click on the link Publication
Detection of Neolithic Settlements in Thessaly (Greece) Through Multispectral and Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery ALEXAKIS Dimitrios, SARRIS Apostolos , T. Astaras, K. Albanakis Publication
Development of a spectrometer for airborne measurement of droplet sizes in clouds BRUNEL Marc, GREHAN Gérard, LEMAITRE Pascal, PORCHERON Emmanuel, VAN BEECK Jeroen, VETRANO Maria rosaria , L. Guiraud Publication
Diabatic Heating and Cooling Rates Derived from In Situ Microphysics CONNOLLY John, DEARDEN Chris, VAUGHAN Geraint , G.L LOYD, J.C ROSIER, K.N.B OWER, T. W. CHOULARTON Publication
Doline Morphometric Analysis and Karst Morphology of Biokovo Mt (Croatia) Based on Field Observations and Digital Terrain Analysis TELBISZ Tamas , H. Dragušica, B. Nagy Publication
Dust mobilization and transport in the northern Sahara during SAMUM 2006 – a meteorological overview KNIPPERTZ Peter, MULLER Detlef, PETZOLD Andreas, SCHEPANSKI Kerstin, SCHUTZ L., TEGEN Ina, WENDISCH Manfred , To see the full author list, please click on the link Publication
Dynamical structures for southwesterly airflow oversouthern Norway: the role of dissipation BARSTAD Idar Publication
EASI training course programme (draft) LANOTTE Alessandra Sabina Meeting agenda
EC Guidelines on Financial Issues EC contracts and reports
EC Guidelines on How to Avoid Common Errors in Cost Claims EC contracts and reports
EC Guidelines on Project Reporting EC contracts and reports
Eddy kinetic energy redistribution within windstorms Klaus and Friedhelm ARBOGAST Philippe, RIVIERE Gwendal , A. Jolly Publication
Entrainment-Mixing and Radiative Transfer Simulation in Boundary Layer Clouds BRENGUIER Jean-louis, SCHULLER Lothar , Frédérick Chosson Publication
Environmental Reconstruction of the Area Of Roman Brigetio (Komárom, Hungary) MARTON Deak , I. Viczián, B. Nagy, J. Szeberényi, L. Rupnik Publication
Estimation of actual evapotranspiration of Mediterranean perennial crops by means of remote-sensing based surface energy balance models. CAMMALLERI Carmelo, CIRAOLO Giuseppe, MINACAPILLI Mario , C. Agnese, F. Blanda, G. D'Urso, M. Iovino, D. Pumo, G. Provenzano, G. Rallo Publication
EUFAR AISBL Memorandum of Understanding BRENGUIER Jean-louis, BROWN Phil, DIARRA Lilian, GERARD Elisabeth Technical documentation
EUFAR AISBL Position Paper BRENGUIER Jean-louis, BROWN Phil, DIARRA Lilian, GERARD Elisabeth Technical documentation
Evaluation of the new ESR network software for the retrieval of direct sun products from CIMEL CE318 and PREDE POM01 sun-sky radiometers CAMPANELLI Monica, ESTELLES Victor, MARTINEZ-LOZANO Jose Antonio , T. J. Smyth, M. P. Utrillas Publication
Evidence for changes in microphysical structure and cloud drafts following AgI seeding ROSENFELD Daniel , W. L. Woodley Publication
Field Spectroscopy in the VNIR-SWIR Region to Discriminate between Mediterranean Native Plants and Exotic-Invasive Shrubs Based on Leaf Tannin Content GROSSE-STOLTENBERG Andre, OLDELAND Jens , Römer Meike, Lehmann Jan Publication
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