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Instruments found: 359.

Instrument type Instrument name/Serial type Operator Measured parameter Range
Dew/Frost-point hygrometer 137 Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer INTA Dew Point
Ozone Analyzer 2BTech-202-CNR CNR-ISAFoM O3 concentration
Ozone Analyzer 2BTech-Ozone-INTA INTA O3 concentration
Incident flow vector probe 3-d-wind/turb METAIR Airspeed; Incidence angle; Turbulence
Visible/Near Infra Red Spectrometer 4PI-SR KIT, IMK-IFU Radiance
Cloud/Aerosol Microphysics Multi-function Instrument AARP UNIMAN Aerosol and cloud droplet properties
Aerosol LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) ABLE Geophysica-GEIE Aerosol backscatter coefficient
RADAR Accumulation radar AWI Reflectivity
Dew/Frost-point hygrometer ACH-M55 Geophysica-GEIE Dew Point
Non dew/frost point hygrometer AD-FS2 Enviscope Water Vapour, Relative Humidity
Cloud/Aerosol Microphysics Multi-function Instrument ADA100-PDPA FAAM Aerosol and cloud droplet properties
Trace Gas Analyzer Aerodyne-CW-QCLAS UNIMAN Trace Gas concentrations
Trace Gas Analyzer AeroLaser5002 FAAM Trace Gas concentrations
Trace Gas Analyzer AeroLaser5003 METAIR Trace Gas concentrations
Imaging Spectrometer AEROPHOTO- SFS CASI 550 ENTA of ATHENA/RIC Radiance Spectra
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