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Name Tomas
Nationality Iceland
Name Icelandic Meteorological Office
Department Division of Processing and Research
Institution legal status
Institution description The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) is a public institution. The main purpose of IMO is to contribute towards increased security and efficiency in society by: Monitoring, analyzing, interpreting, informing, giving advice and counsel, providing warnings and forecasts and where possible, predicting natural processes and natural hazards; issuing public and aviation alerts about impending natural hazards, such as volcanic ash, extreme weather and flooding; conducting research on the physics of air, land and sea, specifically in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, glaciology, climatology, seismology and volcanology; maintaining high quality service and efficiency in providing information in the interest of economy, of security affairs, of sustainable usage of natural resources and with regard to other needs of the public; ensuring the accumulation and preservation of data and knowledge regarding the long-term development of natural processes such as climate, glacier changes, crustal movements and other environmental matters that fall under IMO‘s responsibility.
Contact information
Address Veðurstofa Íslands Bústaðavegi 7- 9 108 Reykjavík Iceland
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 312609

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