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Family name POKHAREL
Name Hari Prasad
Nationality Nepal
Name School of Geomatics
Department Geoinformation
Institution legal status
Institution description The School of Geomatics (SOG) is a lead private sector institute to impart academic courses and professional training in the field of Geomatics in Nepal. It was established in 1999 in affiliation to Council for Technical Education and Vocational training (CTEVT), Nepal by a group of land and land related professionals. Since its establishment, the school has been working at human resource development in the field of Surveying and Spatial Information Application at different levels.
Contact information
Address P.O. Box: 13177 121/55 Basuki Marga, Mid- Baneshwor Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: +977-1- 4116177 , 016202651 Email:
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