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Family name SU
Name Z. bob
Name Alterra, Wageningen UR
Department Centre for Geo-Information
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Institution description ALTERRA is the leading institute in the field of natural resources management and agro-ecology, nature management, land use, and land use planning and is the biggest one in its kind in Europe. Besides research, ALTERRA provides services such as software engineering, production and distribution of maps and databases and management of databases. ALTERRA has accumulated a strong experience in Earth Observation and Land Process Studies through many researches projects. Dr. Bob Su has been participating in several ESA and EU activities that are directly relevant to the present project objectives. These includes among others: ○ ESA projects concerning the candidate Earth Explorer Core Mission SPECTRA � Surface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis (ESA, 2003-2005): 1) AO 1-4130/02/NL/GS: "Validation of the SPECTRA mission concept using earth system models and land surface elements". 2) AO 1-4140/02/NL/GS: "Impact of the accuracy of variables retrievable from multi-angular, hyperspectral observations on ecosystem model performance". 3) ESA NO.17600/03/NL/CB: �SPECTRA Mission End-to-End simulator�. ○ ENVISAT AO 337, ENVISAT Land surface processes (MERIS, AATSR data) (two phases of study have been completed using MOS, ATSR-2 data, and NOAA/AVHRR data, under sponsorship of the Netherlands National Remote Sensing Programme). ○ ENVISAT AO 812, ENVISAT Actual Evaporation (MERIS, AATSR data) (one phase of study has been completed using ATSR-2 data, and NOAA/AVHRR data, under sponsorship of the Netherlands National Remote Sensing Programme). ○ ENVISAT AO 350, Spectral and spatial sampling and scaling (MERIS data). ○ ESA ITT AO/1-4302/02/I-IW, GSE SAGE (PI: Infoterra): Information on pressure and state of the environment as well as indicators on environmental quality are the prerequisite to evaluate threats, to initiate mitigation actions and to assess progress and improvements towards quality of life and social welfare. Such information can be provided using recent and future EO systems and information retrieval technology in the framework of geographical information systems (GIS) already installed throughout Europe. The above is the major objective of the ESA GSE SAGE - Service for Advanced Geo-information on Environmental Pressure and State. Alterra�s role is to co-ordinate the science team, to provide the science review related to SAGE and to provide independent validation reports to SAGE. ○ EU FP6 GMES SAGE: Exploitation of AnGular effects in Land surfacE observations from satellites. The major objective is to develop advanced retrieval algorithms for data analysis of spectral-radiometric and directional satellite data. ○ EU FP6 GMES GEOLAND: GMES products & services, integrating EO monitoring capacities to support the implementation of European directives and policies related to �land cover and vegetation�. The GEOLAND project aims at providing geo-information products and services to support the implementation of international conventions and EC policies and directives utilising available Earth Observation resources, and integrating them with existing models into pre-operational end-user applications. More information on Alterra can be found at
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Address Dr. Z. Bob Su Wageningen University & Research Centre Alterra Green World Research Droevendaalses
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 312609

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