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EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software - CORE
Publisher: EUFAR (Matt Freer, Olivier Henry)
Producer: EUFAR
Platform: Windows, Linux
Software / Code: Python 2.7
Requirements: Numpy, Scipy, Python NetCDF4, python_dateutil
Software version: 2018
Status: Ready to use



EGADS (EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software) is a Python-based toolbox for processing airborne atmospheric data. EGADS provides a framework for researchers to apply expert-contributed algorithms to data files, and acts as a platform for data intercomparison. Algorithms in EGADS will be contributed by members of the EUFAR Expert Working Group if they are found to be mature and well-established in the scientific community.

Ready to be used, EGADS is only compatible with Python 2.7, Linux and Windows. The current version, can read/write NetCDF4 and NASA/Ames files. An embedded version of the Nappy library ( is currently proposed within EGADS to read/write NASA/Ames files.

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