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TIFAX 2017: Thick Ice Feeding Arctic Export

Start date: 15-07-2017 - End date: 15-08-2017

Status: Not confirmed

Open to sharing: Yes

Confidential: No

Transnational Access: No

Open to training: Yes

Grounded / Maintenance: No


Aircraft name: POLAR 5 - AWI

Airport: Station Nord, Greenland

Project description

Project theme: Sea ice thickness determination across Fram Strait and north of Greenland.

Project abstract: Fram Strait is the main gateway for sea ice export out of the Arctic Ocean, and therefore observations there give insight into composition and properties of Arctic sea ice in general and how it varies over time. An extensive data set of ground-based and airborne electromagnetic ice thickness measurements were collected between 2001 and 2015 during severall aircraft (PAMARCMIP, TIFAX) and Polarstern campaigns. The first aim of the proposed aircraft campaign is to complement earlier sea ice thickness measurements made north of Svalbard and over Fram Strait. A second objective is to extent previous measurements to the Lincoln Sea. Data will be used to together with satellite based information on sea ice motion, to number sea ice outflow through Fram Strait in summer and investigate thinning of sea ice due to reduction of old multi-year ice. In addition to sea ice surveys, atmospheric components will be measured.

Science context: Marine science, Ocean-Atmosphere interaction

Measurements to be made by aircraft: - sea ice thickness - altimetry - optical imagery

Flights (number and patterns): 4-10 flights, max 60 h

Instruments: None

Scientific contact

Name: None