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ACSIS: ACSIS - ACSIS The North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated observationS

Start date: 19-10-2017 - End date: 23-10-2017

Status: Confirmed

Open to sharing: Yes

Confidential: No

Transnational Access: No

Open to training: No

Grounded / Maintenance: No


Aircraft name: BAe146 - FAAM

Airport: Lajes, Azores

Project description

Project theme: ACSIS will utilise and develop a range of data sets to develop our atmospheric data products and use these to build up a comprehensive view of structure and variability of atmospheric composition across the North Atlantic.

Science context: Composition data sets will include (i) ozone and its precursors, which provide information of changes in tropospheric oxidizing capacity, (ii) methane, a key greenhouse gas whose budget is poorly understood, and (iii) properties of atmospheric aerosol, a potentially important short-term climate forcer.

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Scientific contact

Name: Alex Archibald

PI email:

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