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Expert Working Group

Name In-Situ Aerosols
Description The aerosol working group will try to summarize all existing instruments and improve their capabilities and calibration.
Leader FORMENTI Paola

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Event date Title/Location Contact Creation
Last update
25/10/2010 FP7: EWG meeting 06 (In-Situ Aerosols)
Toulouse (France)
FORMENTI Paola 02/08/2010 00:00
31/08/2011 00:00
13/09/2006 FP6: 1st Aerosols & Microphysics EWG (13-15/09/06)
Paris (France)
FORMENTI Paola 13/03/2006 00:00
25/09/2007 00:00
12/04/2002 FP5: Particle Inlets EWG (12-13/04/02)
Leipzig (Germany)
WENDISCH Manfred 19/09/2005 00:00
07/08/2006 00:00
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