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Event name FP6: 2nd Turbulence EWG meeting (19-20/02/2008)
Start date 19/02/2008 00:00
End date 20/02/2008 00:00
Location Leiden/Noordwijk, The Netherlands

“The operation, maintenance and calibration of turbulent wind sensing systems on research aircraft”
Following some points to be discussed:
-static calibrations of each sensors involved in the wind computation (temperature, pressures, water vapour content, attitude, velocity, positions etc..)
-the main causes of errors in measuring the wind
-dynamic calibrations of the entire sensing system (wind tunnel, flight calibration)
-errors propagations from each measurement to the computed wind in the earth coordinate system.
-what should be the “minimum accuracy” achievable in delivering the wind components?

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Event name: FP6: 2nd Turbulence EWG meeting (19-20/02/2008)

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