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Title Operational meteorology in West Africa: observational networks, weather analysis and forecasting
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Real-time surface and upper-air observations are crucial to the analysis and forecasting of the West African monsoon (WAM). This paper will focus on the African Monsoon—Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA)-driven reactivation and modernisation of the radiosonde network over West Africa, its potential long-term impact on upper-air operations in the region, the influence of the additional data in WAM analyses and forecasting, and the AMMA-related development and usage of the West African Analysis/Forecasting (WASA/F) forecast method.

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BOCK Olivier
FINK Andreas
PARKER Douglas
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Journal Atmospheric Science Letters
Volume 12
Pages 135-141
Year 2011
Times cited 6
Institute country Germany
Type of science
  • Atmospheric dynamics (includes thermodynamics)
Field of science
  • Instrument development (includes certification)
  • Troposphere
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