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Aircraft: FA20 - SAFIRE

Aircraft acronym FA20 - SAFIRE Registration number F-GBTM
Operator Service des Avions Francais Instrument├ęs pour la Recherche en Environnement Transnational Access status Open to TA
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation, Mystere / Falcon 20 GF Engine category Jet
Aircraft type Research Categories Troposphere


  • Length: 17.15 m
  • Height: 5.32 m
  • Wingspan: 16.32 m
Airplane dimensions 17.15 m 5.32 m 16.32 m

Flying performances

Min speed 82 m/s
Max speed 254 m/s
Usual speed during measurements 200 m/s
Usual speed during transit flights 240 m/s
Ascent rate 13 m/s
Min altitude
  • Above sea: 200 ft
  • Above ground: 300 ft
Max ceiling 39 000 ft
Usual ceiling during measurements 39 000 ft
Ceiling limitations


Empty weight 8 500 kg
Max take-off weight 14 500 kg
Max payload 6 000 kg
Max scientific payload 1 200 kg (X-coordinate of 2nd point)
Usual scientific payload during measurements 1 200 kg
Scientific payload for max endurance 1 200 kg (X-coordinate of 1st point)
Aircraft autonomy

Max endurance at min scientific payload and max fuel 5 h (Y-coordinate of 1st point)
Endurance at max scientific payload 5 h (Y-coordinate of 2nd point)

Max range 4 100 km (at min scientific payload and max fuel)
Conditions for max range

at FL400, max fuel, speed: 414 kts

Range at max scientific payload None km
Usual range during measurement flight 3 200 km

Weather conditions limitations

VFR, IFR, certified for known icing conditions

Take-off runway length 1 400 m

2 x Honeywell ATF3-6A-4C


Universal EFIS and Flight Management Systems.

Crew and scientists on board

Crew (pilots + operators)

2 + 1

Seats available for scientists



Length 7.26 m
Width 1.79 m
Height 1.70 m

main door: W0.8 m x H1.5 m

Cabin pressurized


More information


Aircraft modifications

Nose boom

five holes probe for turbulence measurements


2 coverable photo windows in the bottom (D0.52 m) and 2 on top of the fuselage (D0.32 m)


4 openings (D0.80 m) on top of the fuselage, and 1 opening (D0.15 m) in the bottom of the fuselage

Hard points

4 hardpoint stations (2 under each wing) to carry loads up to 500 kg each (using standard 14" NATO attachment system) but has to stay within the maximum payload limitation.


chemistry inflow or reverse flow inlets

Additionnal systems

Provision for up and down-looking radiometers (core instrumentation).
Dropsonde launching system (Vaisala AVAPS GPS system for RD93 dropsondes)

Acquisition systems

Data acquisition is centralised and displayed on all screens. Time series of all data are provided after each flight within 2 hours.

Electrical power

Aircraft total electrical power (kW)

28 VDC 285 Amp, conversion to 220V / 50 Hz

Electrical power (kW) and voltages (V) available for scientists

8 kW at 28 VDC

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