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Aircraft: IL 18D - CAO

Aircraft acronym IL 18D - CAO Registration number RA 7590
Operator Central Aerological Observatory Transnational Access status Closed to TA
Manufacturer Ilyushin Design Bureau, IL-18D Engine category Turbo propeller
Aircraft type Research Categories Troposphere


  • Length: 35.9 m
  • Height: 10.17 m
  • Wingspan: 10.17 m
Airplane dimensions 35.9 m 10.17 m 10.17 m

Flying performances

Min speed 97 m/s
Max speed 180 m/s
Usual speed during measurements 0 m/s
Usual speed during transit flights 180 m/s
Ascent rate 5 m/s
Min altitude
  • Above sea: 164 ft
  • Above ground: 328 ft
Max ceiling 32 810 ft
Usual ceiling during measurements 30 185 ft
Ceiling limitations

oxigen masks for crew

Empty weight 34 700 kg
Max take-off weight 64 000 kg
Max payload 13 500 kg
Max scientific payload n/c
Usual scientific payload during measurements 12 600 kg
Scientific payload for max endurance n/c

Max endurance at min scientific payload and max fuel 10 h (Y-coordinate of 1st point)
Endurance at max scientific payload n/c

Max range 6 500 km (at min scientific payload and max fuel)
Conditions for max range

At FL260, speed 323 kts, payload not more than 5,300 kg

Range at max scientific payload None km
Usual range during measurement flight 0 km

Weather conditions limitations

Possibility for flight according to IFR and VFR, weather conditions for landing - lower boundary of clouds 60 m, visible range 1000 m, max icing rate in clouds 2 mm/min

Take-off runway length 1 250 m

4 x Ivchenko AI-20M


Inertial navigation system INS, Global Positioning System GPS, Air and Temperature Signal System

Crew and scientists on board

Crew (pilots + operators)


Seats available for scientists

10 - 20


Length n/c m
Width n/c m
Height n/c m


Cabin pressurized


More information

1st cabin: W3.23 m x L4.60 m ; 2nd cabin: W3.23 m x L13.80 m ; 3rd cabin: W3.23 m x L2.70 m

Aircraft modifications

Nose boom



2 glass windows-blisters, metal plates replacing windows for mounting sensors booms


3 downward open windows for optical devices

Hard points

4 beams on wings for PMS sensors


inlets for air sampling

Additionnal systems

system for shooting out squib (for weather modification purposes), system for seeding solid carbon dioxide, cement (for weather modification purposes)

Acquisition systems

sampling rate 20 Hz, 14 bit for turbulent measurements, sampling rate 1 Hz, 12 bit for main wind speed and position measurements, PMS data acquisition system

Electrical power

Aircraft total electrical power (kW)

48 kW

Electrical power (kW) and voltages (V) available for scientists

10 kW

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